What is a SunPump?

SunPump™ is the first solar heating/cooling and hot water renewable energy system. It is a solar heat pump that combines the benefits of solar with geo/air heat pumps without the weather performance or capital cost limitations.

Why is SunPump better?

SunPump is a hybrid that uses multiple sources of heat; Solar, Air, or Geo, to increase efficiency all day, every day, even at night. Unlike common solar panels that are high cost, low efficiency and intermittent; SunPump is 1/2 the cost, 400% more efficient, and heats 24/7 in all weather conditions

SunPump is the first Gen.4 solar to work in the dark. By circulating refrigerant, not water, the liquid will boil at -51 C, and transfer heat as low as -25 C. At night the performance is comparable to an Air Heat Pump, and in the sun is better than Geo.

SunPump as Primary?

Standard solar thermal only preheats ~1/2 the hot water, while SunPump acts as a primary system with its own backup element that provides up to 100% of the radiant heating/cooling and hot water to replace a furnace or boiler.

Is SunPump Reliable?

It is an elegantly simple appliance, with just one moving mechanical part. Copeland has 100 Million scroll compressors in operation, that run for a decade or two. It is the size of a mini-bar fridge and works the same, but can heat and cool simultaneously

Value Proposition

SunPump is sold factory-direct to builders and developers, to increase their profit and differentiation.

SunPump™ is $0 down solar heating that provides 80% of building energy at the lowest capital and ownership costs.

Builder Points

  • Net Zero Energy Homes
  • Built Green Canada
  • Passive House/LEED
  • R2000 – EnerGuide

20 Year Warranty

Manufacturer will provide 20 year warranty for defective components including solar panels, heat pump, and controller.